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COVID-19 Preventative Measures

By March 19, 2020 No Comments

As you are all aware, there are many changes around us due to measures for controlling COVID-19. Directions from government and the behaviours of people near us are changing from day to day and can be difficult to predict.

– Direction from The Department of Health
Our response to the changing climate is continually directed by recommendations from the department of health. We are vigilantly following the communication regarding the actual threats and areas of concern for this virus.

– Sanitation procedures to make our Dojang safe
We are taking the COVID-19 threat very seriously and have significantly stepped up measures to help maintain a safe environment in which to maintain our fitness and Hapkido skills. Here are some changes implemented last week:
• Handrails, door handles, hard surfaces and bench tops all cleaned regularly
• No more use of Tablet for students to sign in. Instructor crosses student names off
• More regular thorough professional cleans of premises
• Anti-Bacterial wipes used after use of all equipment
• All students (all ages) to sanitise hands before they step on the mats AFTER washing their hands
• All students to supply their own drinking vessels and towels
• Training mats to be mopped down after each class
• Class structures and exercise choices have been modified to minimise direct contact between students whilst still challenging their skill set

– Will there be a general shutdown?
If the government decides to close down all gyms and exercise facilities, we will heed their recommendations. In the meantime, we will do our utmost to keep providing you all with a safe place to train Hapkido and stay fit.

– Let’s take each week/few days at a time
We have our March Grading scheduled for next Wednesday 25th March. As the conditions remain fluid based on Government advice, at this stage the Grading is set to proceed unless notified otherwise. Please don’t hesitate to contact Master Geister if you have queries or concerns.

Here is a video of the action the Northern Beaches HapKiDo Association is taking: