Steve Tamanini

My Martial arts journey began in 1986 training in Jujitsu under Richard Morgan. I trained there for approx 2 years reaching the level of Brown Belt, shortly after this the club closed down.

In late 1987 I began looking at other Martial arts and came across Hap Ki Do in a community hall at Mona Vale. It was a Wednesday night when I walked in too watch a class and see what it was all about. When the class finished I knew it was for me, I signed up that night and was training there the following evening.

HKD was exactly what I was looking for.

I started Martial arts like many others wanting to learn how to defend myself but gained knowledge far beyond that. The learnings of Hap Ki Do has kept me going all these years. The discipline, respect and etiquette which becomes a way of life inside and outside of the art itself. Many of the principles and philosophies of HKD have helped me shape my path through life.

I have also been fortunate to have trained with so many talented and experienced martial artists, Grand Master and Founder of the Australian Hap Ki Do Association Matthew Kim, whose knowledge, philosophy and spirit put all of us on the right path of HKD. Master Matt Geister, our friendship began training together and has continued outside HKD with our families.

Master Kevin Brown, Daniel Marie, Mitch and Scott Wetherell, Ron Rees to name a few. Talented and Inspirational Black Belts Tup Moeka, Domonic Salsiccia, Eli Dutton, Dom Spreckley, Sam Morganthe list goes on.

A few of my HKD highlights have been.

Study Tour Of Korea

Traveling to Korea in 1995 and again in 2012, the experience from these trips have been amazing, seeing the roots of HKD and the ability of the students and instructors is inspiring to say the least. I have learnt so much from all the Grandmasters, Masters and Students (to many to name). I have so much more to learn.

The friendships, memories and fun times that were forged on these trips is something that I will remember fondly.

Creating and Implementing 24hr Fund Raising Events

Dreaming up the Idea of gathering the students from across all clubs to participate in a fundraising event to raise money for charity.

I organized two Hap Ki Dothons a number of years apart, where all the students came together under one roof to train for 24hrs round the clock, each student was sponsored per hour. While an extremely tough ask, students to trained for 24 hours. The discipline of our art helped us push through those early hours of the morning to continue, resulting in raising over $40,000 dollars at each event, the first donation was to Bear cottage and the second to the Star Light foundation.

Achieving my Black Belts

1st degree in 1991

2nd degree in 1993

3rd degree in 1996

4th degree in 2001

Finally my 5thdegree in 2012 along with Mitch Wetherell and Ron Rees

Outside of HKD, I am a Personal Trainer operating “Specialized Fitness” as a Certified FRC mobility specialist and a level 3 and 4 Trainer, alongside my other job of being a Fire Fighter with NSW Fire and Rescue.

My passion for health and fitness and the ability to reach my goals in HKD has been strongly supported by my family. My wife Simonne has always encouraged and supported me through my journey. Both my children started HKD but have moved on to there own chosen sports, My son Luke has excelled in the sporting fields of Rugby and Basketball and my daughter Bianca has recently taken up the sport of rock climbing, a sport requiring a discipline of its own.

Thank you to my family

I would like to believe that with good health and staying fit I can continue my journey in HKD for another 25 years and beyond, and pass on the knowledge to students that I have been privileged to receive from my instructors and fellow students,

Thank you to all for the blood, sweat and tears, but more importantly the friendships and memories I will cherish.

? Train with Passion?

Steven Tamanini