Want to give it a go?

Take advantage of our
3-Session Trial pass offer.

Offer is Valid for Kids and Teenagers 4-17 years, and Adults of all ages.

This provides Temporary Insurance and Training Fee for 3 separate classes to allow you to experience if Hapkido is for you before officially joining up. It also gives us a good opportunity to assess your suitability for specific classes.

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How Do I Join Up?

We always recommend taking Advantage of the 3-Session Trial Pass before you commit to join our Club. This Pass will provide a temporary Insurance cover and training for 3 seperate classes. As each class often varies this is another good opportunity for you to experience what Hapkido is all about and if it is what you are looking for. Once you have completed the 3-Sessions, below is what happens next should you decide to proceed.

To join up and start training all you need is to purchase a Starter's Pack and choose which training fee option works

Adults $215
Child/Student $195

Starters Pack Includes:

  • Hapkido Uniform – 10 oz Black cotton, embroidered with AHA badge and includes white belt
  • Full membership to AHA
  • Full membership to Northern Beaches Hapkido Club
  • Personal Injury Protection Insurance
  • Important notes for beginners
  • Membership Oath
  • Key Ring
  • Drink Bottle
  • All in a drawstring training bag

My First Class

Come down at least 15 mins before start of class to meet the Instructor who will give you the relevant paperwork and explain what to do.

Wear comfortable loose clothing, shorts/tights/yoga pants and T-Shirt

If you already have a martial arts uniform or pants (black is preferred but white pants OK) feel free to wear that with T-Shirt.

Bring a drink bottle and small towel

It is always nerve racking trying something new. No need to be, our Instructors and students will make you feel welcome and explain how the class will be run. You won’t be expected to do anything out of your comfort zone , and your Instructor will give you plenty of rest breaks if needed. Beginners and white belts are strategically placed towards the back of the class.

Classes are usually structured so that students mix around and get to train with each other, at times grouped within their levels of experience, other times learning from more senior levels. There will always be someone to train with, but especially for children feel free to bring a friend along to share the experience with.

If on the other hand you have had previous Martial Arts experience or already have a good level of fitness, your Instructor will recognise this and assure you are challenged to an enjoyable class.